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Bio Cups

The bio cups have been selected as they

are a good size, we find that if the cups are too big there is more wastage. 

The cups are made from plant oils and are commercially compostable 

Bio Cup 250ml

$16.50 per pk of 100 cups

or buy with 100 Straws  $22


Our cups and straws have been carefully chosen to reduce the impact on the environment as well as provide you with a suitable and practical solution for your needs 


Paper Straws

Our straws have been selected due to several reasons, they are practical being of a large diameter the slushies pass easily.   

are Bio Straws are the only FSC-certified paper straws in Australia, but most importantly they are the most durable paper straw that we have tested so far.  

$7.50 per pk of 100

or buy with 100 Bio Cups  $22

Cocktail cup.webp

Cocktail Cups

Looking for something a little more impressive than a standard plastic cup

these cocktail cups are resilient and unlikely to break like glass ( great for pool areas) 

$5 per Pkt of 6 

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