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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much does it cost? The standard price is only $229 including Slushee Machine Hire, 2 x  10 Litres of your favorite Slushee 100 Slushies,(free delivery within the delivery zone).

What is included in the hire price?  1 Double barrel Slushee Machine (24 hours approximately), A choice of 2  Sushee flavours, delivery and pickup as well as setting up the Slushee machine (within the delivery zone).


How many drinks do you get out of a Slushee machine? Normally you will get 50 x 250ml drinks per barrel or 100 drinks from a full machine. We can provide you with more drinks as well as tips as to how to get the best results for your party


How long does it take to set up the Slushee machine? The machine is easy to set up. Best of all we will set it up for you and have you ready to go (Ready to drink) in about 2 hours, we recommend that you have the machine ready to go when you start to prepare for your party as that’s thirsty work.


How much alcohol should I put in? That’s up to you most people put in between 1-2 bottles of liquor per cocktail mix depending on how strong you would like it to be. We recommend putting in about 1/2 of what you are initially thinking then taste and decide if you want more. At a rough guide, 1 x 700ml bottle of spirits is equivalent to 1/2 nip per cup hence 2 x 700ml bottles of spirits is close to1 nip per cup.


How do I work the machine? When your machine is delivered it will be set up for you and we will give you some simple instructions to follow.   Video instructions here.

Do you sell Cups and straws? Yes you can purchase cups and straws, we have 250ml Bio Cups and Jumbo paper straws to make it easier to drink your Slushee they come in Pkts of 100 . Paper Straws $6.60, Bio cups $16.20 or together $22.00.  We recommend the smaller cups as there is less chance that your slushies will melt before you finish drinking them and less chance that they will be thrown away.

Can I purchase an extra Slushee mixture so I don't run out?  Yes, we are happy to supply you with an extra mix if you think you need it we will even repurchase it from you if you don’t use it, as long as it hasn’t been opened. We recommend getting a backup of the same Slushee flavours as already selected. This way, it is easier to top up and keep the machine running to reduce downtime and waste. We are happy to discuss and make recommendations based on your individual requirements.


Can I purchase Slushee Mixtures without hiring a Machine? Yes, you can select from our wide range of slushies, please ring in advance as our Slushies are only made to order and it is best if orders are placed with anticipation so that you don't miss out.


What are the most popular flavours? Check our flavours page it is updated regularly.


What do I need to provide?  You will need to provide access to power and a dry location protected from the weather if you have a sturdy table that would be appreciated, The Slushee machines weigh approximately 80kg+  when full  (we can provide you with a table if you need it). 


Can I have a extended hire ? Yes, you can we offer additional days hire from the original hire date its best to talk to us so that we can better understand your requirements and give you the best possible deal.

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