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At a Party

BIG Bluetooth Party Speaker

JBL Party speaker

Loud enough to fill your house party with music, this beast of a speaker pumps out plenty of tunes with 800watts of JBL's original Pro sounds,

*guaranteed to piss off the neighbours 

JBL_Partybox Speaker hire.webp


A PowerPoint,

A music source; Bluetooth or  direct from a cable, Mic and guitar inputs  

The speaker needs to be set up in a suitable undercover area, remember that you are responsible for it while renting it.

Spec sheet

Quick start guide


JBL PARTY BOX rear view connections.jpg

Bluetooth Party Speaker Hire

Hire in conjunction with a Sushee Machine, $120 including same-time delivery.

JBL Award winning speaker_edited.jpg

Customizable Lightshow and other features

The JBL party box has an automated light show (which can be adjusted to your style) as well as an adjustable equalizer and DJ sounds that you can customize within the app which you can download here Play Store   App Store.

JBL Partybox  Shire slushee Hire.jpg


Easily accessible control panel as well as  ipad/tablet stand.

Top View JBL Partybox 710 Bluetooth Speaker.jpg

Quick Specifications

Audio specification

Supported formats: .mp3, .wma, .wav

Input Sensitivity Aux-In: 250 mVrms (3.5mm connector) Mic-In: 20 mVrms Guitar-In: 100 mVrms

Bluetooth/USB Input: -12 dBFS

Speaker Dimensions  (W x H x D): 399.0mm x 905.0mm x 436.0mm 


Net Weight: 27.80kg

JBL Partybox Speaker Shire Slushee Hire.jpg
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